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Craft bitters, liquors, jams and appetizers shop


To set up advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Get results with ROAS starting from 250%.

Original information

Before the start of cooperation, we audited previous ads campaigns and offered options to improve the results. The main problem we identified was the choice of optimization goal – advertising was optimized not for purchases on the site, but for transitions to the site. Because of this, the client received a lot of clicks, but the results in the form of sales left much to be desired: 338 purchases worth $9.07. ROAS at that time was only 227%, bordering on loss.

What has been done

1. We conducted an audit and found the points of growth

Based on the analysis of the cabinet, we defined that it is necessary to:

  • change the goal of optimization;
  • set up a sales from the Catalog (including Dynamic Remarketing);
  • eliminate errors in ads – first of all, the inconsistencies of texts and visuals;
  • conduct ads campaigns for men, because initially ads were targeted only at women;
  • optimize the structure of ads campaigns.

2. We developed an ads campaign strategy

When preparing the strategy, we clearly differentiated the structure of future ads campaigns for retarget and work with cold audiences.

For the cold audiences, we developed engaging creatives. Beautiful «packaging» of products added to the effectiveness of these creatives – the skulls-shaped and bulbs-shaped bottles, a recognizable and associative name and good branding.

The $200 per day budget and the product type itself made it clear that there was no point to work in narrow segments. It was much more efficient to target broad interests and let Facebook optimize its ads campaigns for the sampled product groups which showed the best results.

We developed a purchase funnel for retargeting, so that it fully corresponded to the customer’s journey:

  • we displayed main categories to those users who visited the main page of the website, but hadn’t navigated to the categories;
  • we promoted the best-sellers from a specific category, targeting those users who visited the category without navigating to the specific product cards.

Afterwards, we engaged dynamic retargeting – we displayed the products already watched by the user on the website. We targeted those, who:

  • opened a card of the product, but haven’t yet added it into the shopping cart. We targeted them with the products, added to the cart, and similar products in carousel;
  • added a product into a shopping cart, but hadn’t performed a purchase. We targeted them with the products, added to the cart, and similar products in carousel.

This allowed us to lead a potential buyer «by the hand» from getting acquainted with the brand to a purchase. This tool was even more enhanced with a favourable offer – a promotional code with a 15% discount.

3. Expansion of the product range for advertising

As we worked with the brand’s ads campaigns, there emerged new products: jams, sauces, snacks. Free delivery for orders over 700 UAH and a wide range of products enable keeping the average check at the level of over 550 UAH. Together with the low cost per lead, this resulted in a high ROAS.

4. Optimization and retention of results

Sufficiently large budgets and a low average check require constant monitoring and optimization of results. Work is continuously being done to reduce the cost of an application and increase the number of applications by updating the audience, preparing new creatives, and using new advertising formats.


After 6 months of work on the dproject:
Ads campaigns lead to 6720 purchases with an average ROAS of 440%.

We separated the audiences and approaches to creatives with a high percent of purchases after leads.

You run ads in Facebook and Instagram and want to improve it?

We’ll perform an audit and offer a solution


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