Privacy Policy

We respect the personal information of visitors to our website. This Privacy Policy explains some of the measures we take to protect your privacy.

Why do we need your contact details?

When you leave your request on our website, we send you a letter in order to convey important information regarding the project and, if necessary, contact you by phone.

How we use your personal data (name, email)

  • we send the necessary documents for cooperation (brief, agreement);
  • we perform a news dispatch and advertising information about the services and special offers of the SMMSTUDIO if you gave your consent and left your contact details;
  • send you service messages in cases when you need support.

IMPORTANT: We do not send spam, do not sell or provide your personal data to third parties!

Data protection

We do our best to protect our site and the users from unauthorized attempts to access, modify, disclose or destroy the data we possess. For this, we are constantly improving the way we collect, store and process data to counter unauthorized access to our systems.

Can I unsubscribe?

In case our site is no longer useful to you, or you no longer want to receive our newsletters, please follow the link provided at the bottom of every letter. After that, the subscription will be canceled.

Contact Us

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