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To set up ads campaigns in Facebook and Instagram to attract customers.

Original information

The client has never used target ads in social networks before our partnership, having participated in various Giveaways.

What has been done

1. Development of an advertising strategy

At launch we made the main focus on advertising with the goal for «Conversion» and «Sales of products from the catalog». The site was good, UI/UX met all the requirements and desires towards launching ads campaigns.

We actively worked with the Instagram profile: campaigns were dedicated to certain promotions and prize drawings with the call to subscribe. Since its launch, the account has grown from 30,000 to 217,000 subscribers. The advantage of such a dynamic growth lies not only in Facebook and Instagram advertising, but also in the active cooperation between the client and bloggers as well as in participating in Giveaways.

Working with the audiences, we also defined several segments which later proved to be the most effective groups:

  • Young women according to their age: 18–24, 25–35, 35–45 years. We used a wide range of interests connected with purchases, fashion, beauty, marriage, accessories, jewelry.
  • Men 18–50 interested in relations, marriage, dates, etc. (to buy presents).
  • Parents (to buy presents for their children).

2. Content for ads

MINIMAL winningly stands out against their competitors due to stylish, quality photo shoots, which were used to develop ads materials. Affordable prices, profitable offers like 1+1=3 and discounts of up to 70% deliver active reaction from the audience, and, as a result, low cost per impressions, cost per click, cost per action (for example, purchase).

3. Remarketing

The traffic of the web-stie is about 100,000 visitors per month. Thus, we get a large user base for remarketing and space for segmenting this audience:

  • for users who visited the website, but did not visit the categories – we showed the main categories;
  • for users who visited the categories, but did not go to the specific product cards – we showed a collection of products from the category;
  • for users who viewed the product or added it to the cart, but did not buy – we show the viewed product and the similar ones;
  • for users interacting with Instagram and Facebook — we showed current promotions and discounts, leading them to the website.

Using remarketing tools, we always kept in touch with our potential audience and «finished pressing» until they do buy our product.


During cooperation within this project we developed an effective strategy of attracting potential customers, as well as we achieved the following results:

  • 931 days – duration of the campaign;
  • 41 297 purchases;
  • $1,21 – cost per purchase.

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Marketing Director
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International loveQ-coach, psychologist


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Project manager
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