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Silver jewelry online shop


To delegate creating visual materials and launching ads on Facebook and Instagram. And also to maximize the number of sales. KPI – CPO (cost per order) $7 and less.

Original information

The client used to run ads by himself. His strategy was to promote posts for a cold audience via Instagram and to retarget conversions to the website.

What has been done

1. Development of an advertising strategy

As part of the developed strategy, we divided all potential customers into two large groups: cold and hot audiences. We picked up the most effective tools for every of them.

For a cold audiences:

  • promotion of posts with front-end products in Instagram;
  • conversion to the site;
  • catalog sales.

For a warm audiences:

  • conversion to the site;
  • catalog sales;
  • dynamic retargeting;
  • cross selling.

Before working with the website, we prepared a technical task for the necessary setting of events and parameters in order to correctly collect analytics for the specified conversion goals.

We chose 1+1=3 promotion and a discount on high-margin jewelry as a purchase driver.

While working, we identified an effective strategy – to launch seasonal and pre-holiday discounts for large budgets, and to use jewelry, whose images were the best at promoting posts.

We defined the most effective tools: to promote posts in Instagram, to sell goods by catalog, too use dynamic retargeting.

2. Work with audiences

In the process of work, the most effective audiences were the following:

  • women 20–43 | Ukraine | with jewelry interests;
  • women 20–43 | Ukraine | no interests;
  • women 20–43 | Ukraine | with online shopping interests, devoted customers;
  • women 20–43 | Ukraine | Look-alike (similar) audience created on the basis of users who have already made a purchase.

In addition, we also tested:

  1. The same audiences, but with geographical restrictions – on large cities of Ukraine.
  2. Look-a-like audience to those who contacted the account in personal messages.
  3. Women 20–43 | Ukraine | with the interests of jewelry brands.

3. Development of creatives

The client had a clear vision of the style of banners and motion, so we sticked to it. In the process of work, we introduced innovations, leaning on effective visual materials. Since the most effective strategy was to launch large budget ads campaigns with seasonal and pre-holiday discounts, the client provided photos from thematic photo shoots for every new campaign to avoid “banner blindness” and attract attention.

The most effective formats were: a carousel and static banners with a subject image of jewelry.

4. Optimization and retention of results

Large budget expenses need to be constantly tracked and the results of the ads campaigns — to be constantly monitored. Prompt optimizations of the results enabled keeping the cost per purchase below the KPI, while growing the number of sales.


199 days – duration of ads campaign;
5241 — sales;
$5,2 — average cost of sale;
4,5 — ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

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