Robotics and programming school for children from 8 to 15 years


To set up ads campaigns in Facebook and Instagram in order to attract leads to offline and online lessons. The cost per lead should not have exceeded $10 for offline and $5 for online education. To measure coast-effectiveness of opening an offline school in new areas, as well as to warm up the audience due to the reach ads.

Original information

During the audit of previous campaigns the following mistakes were detected: use of incorrect ads format, mismatch of promotional purposes and texts.

What has been done

1. Development of advertising strategy

At the start of the project the client did not have a suitable Landing Page to run ads. Thus it was decided to launch ads campaigns to lead-forms. Since the schools were initially located in Kyiv, the ads were targeted at all the schools with pop-up window with the list of addresses in the lead-form. Throughout the project a request to grow the number of leads emerged, so we tested both Google-forms and amoCRM web-forms. After numerous tests of various forms and landing pages we found that the lead-forms offer the best results in terms of the cost, quality and quantity. For this reason ads lead to a lead-form brought 90% of cases.

Thus in the frameworks of aone city we can advertise several schools with different goals in terms of the number of students within the same city So it became necessary to separate and narrow geographic targeting to specific areas (for example, districts). This approach also has its drawbacks – in a narrow geography, the frequency is growing rapidly and the cost per lead is usually over 30% more expensive. Therefore, from location to location, we were looking for an approach that would provide the school with a proper number of students but within reasonable advertising spending.

2. Development of creatives

From the very beginning, the best approach in writing texts proved to be the one when we immediately appeal to our target audience and let them recognize themselves in the text. For example: «You live in Kharkiv? You have a child of 8 – 15 years old?». Further in the text, we referred to the specific problem – «your child is constantly sitting at the computer» and offered a solution in the form of programming and robotics training programs, which allows to turn a hobby into a highly paid profession.

On visuals, creatives with live photos of children at the lessons at ROBOCODE school worked best. As well as videos with children and teachers.

The main offer for ads was a free trial lesson. It is psychologically easier for parents to agree to bring their child to the first lesson for free, to see if they and the child like the school, to see the results of the students.

3. Working with audiences

First, we launched with a narrow targeting for mothers over the age of 28 interested in raising children. Due to the fact that geographically the audience could be narrow enough, the segment based on interest quickly burned out. As a result, it was decided to expand the audience by adding men, lowering the age, and also refusing to specify interests in targeting. This decision did not affect the quality of the audience much, because friends of families with children, as well as their relatives, could drop their leads.

Thereafter, we developed an approach in launching ads at new areas – first in the format of a narrower targeting to open a school and to gradually expand the audience to a maximum level for every further enrollment into the school.

With the help of remarketing campaigns, we managed to squeeze the maximum out of the audience which interacted with ads and company pages in social networks in general.

4. Transition to online format

At lockdown, the school switched to online format of studying. We also quickly transformed all ads campaigns and changed the offer, which allowed the schools to continue working during lockdown.


The area of Robocode services expanded as well as the ads from several cities at the beginning of our partnership to the entire territory of Ukraine and Poland, Romania, Chezch Republic, Slovakia, Moldova, Belarus and even Nigeria. The outcome of the partnership is the following:

  • 449 days – duration of the campaign;
  • 43 671 leads;
  • $3,79 — cost per lead

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