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Offline and online QA–testing training course


To set up ads campaigns in Facebook and Instagram social networks. To get leads for webinars and QA-testing training courses (offline and online). KPI – cost per lead under $1.

Original information

Initially, they wanted to collect applications directly for a paid course. Previously, advertising on social networks was not used.

What has been done

1. Development of strategy

We started with generating leads for a paid course. Since the results were unsatisfactory for the client (the price was too high, and the number of applications was low), they offered reconsidering the sales funnel.

We proceeded with the generating leads for a free webinar, where they told about the profession and at the end they sold the basic course.

They further also started working with a free preparatory course. This allowed to increase the conversion rate, since potential customers have more time to get to know the teacher and their future profession.

While working, we divided the communication with the target audience into several categories:

  • those who are already interested in the IT field;
  • girls who want to change their profession;
  • wide audience

Nevertheless, the widest audience proved to be the one that worked most effectively:

  • Ukraine, with the exception of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, wide audience, men and women, 18–40 years old;
  • excluded those who left a lead.

We worked with conversions on the website. Every offer (paid course, webinars, free preparatory course) had its own landing page.

2. Development of advertising creatives

Due to the freedom granted by the client, we were able to test different options for banners and their design. We worked with static banners, animation and video. We worked with different styles of design – from pop art to memes.

The creatives designed in the style of memes and with humor proved to be the most effective. Video feedback from students also showed good results.
The major key to effectiveness is to timely update the visual range, in order to avoid banner blindness of users.

The texts focused on the major advantages of the proposals, we also added time limits.


During our cooperation we achieved the following results:

  • 745+ days – duration of ads campaign;
  • 12 241 — quantity of leads;
  • $0,67 — cost per lead.

You run ads in Facebook and Instagram and want to improve it?

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Feedback on cooperation


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Yuri Gievsky

German House


Julia Kovaleva

Atom University


Sergey Vovchenko

Marketing Director
Coffee Group


Oksana Schmid

International loveQ-coach, psychologist


Oksana Karnaukh

Project manager
Level UP


Mikhail Kotsyuba

Trainings of Yitzhak Pintosevich


Katanova Lesya



Ilona Chernobay

Fitness blogger


Victoria Artemenko

Head of centers
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Andrey Krupkin

Head of Sales Bureau Andrey Krupkin


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