IPS English with Love

IPS English with Love

IPS English with Love

IPS English with Love

IPS English with Love

IPS English with Love

IPS English with Love

IPS English with Love

Webinars on learning English with Aishe Borseitova


To set up ads campaigns in Facebook and Instagram social networks. To maintain cost per lead at the level of $1.8 and less, at large volumes.

Original information

The client requested to scale the results. There was also a need to grow the number of leads.

What has been done

1. Development of strategy

Our task was to attract the users for a free webinar, which was directly selling the main course.
Major audiences were:

  • wide audience of men and women of 20 – 35 years old;
  • traveling men and women of 20 – 35 years old;
  • men and women of 20 – 35 years old interested in studying English;
  • 3% look-a-like audiences matching database of existing clients.

Location – Eastern Europe.

We worked for «Conversions on a website». We drove traffic to the landing page, provided by the client.

The most effective audience in terms of conversion into sales was Ukraine’s look-a-like audience. Though the cost per lead was a bit higher than that for a wide audience.

2. Development of ads creatives

As we worked with big budgets, there was no need to update ads creatives and try new formats. We tested banners, meme, video, animation and video-invitations from the speaker.

We verified that ‘video invitation by a speaker’ format was the most effective for projects of this kind. However it was necessary to «refresh» them, as they quickly burn out with large budgets and their effectiveness goes down.

We also tested different text formats – more extensive or brief. However, in every text we made emphasis on major pains and drivers of the audiences:

  • opportunities, opened due to the knowledge of English;
  • unique methods to be further revealed at the webinars;
  • additional drivers in the form of bonuses, PDF-books with dialogues.


111 days – durations of ads campaign;
10 128 — number of leads;
$1,40 — average cost per lead.

You run ads in Facebook and Instagram and want to improve it?

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Feedback on cooperation


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Julia Kovaleva

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Sergey Vovchenko

Marketing Director
Coffee Group


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International loveQ-coach, psychologist


Oksana Karnaukh

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Level UP


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Ilona Chernobay

Fitness blogger


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Head of centers
«Beauty Laser»


Andrey Krupkin

Head of Sales Bureau Andrey Krupkin


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