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To fully delegate Facebook and Instagram advertising to the agency, because the company’s department, responsible for ads, switched to another tasks.

Original information

Before contacting SMMSTUDIO, the client tested various combinations of ads purposes, formats and communication. Together with the client, we found out that the best results in terms of quantity, quality and cost per lead were obtained from lead forms ads.

What has been done

1. Analysis and development of a launch strategy

We analyzed the previously conducted ads campaigns based on the data of the Facebook and Instagram advertising account. We compared the effectiveness of previously tested launch strategies. While working, we refused from autofill the lead form (when user data are automatically filled in) and switched to manually filling every field, which helped to improve the quality of leads and minimize incorrect data (for example, broken cell phones).

During the work, we launched ads for:

  • Aloha course
  • Aloha Pro course
  • Skillbox trainings
  • webinars

As part of the work, we tested quiz (questionnaire site) to sell school courses: after passing a short survey, a person could choose a comfortable learning format. However we refused from using this format soon, as a standard approach worked best – advertising a specific course.

2. Working with audiences

ALOHA is an English school for adults only, so we targeted only 21+ users.

First of all, we chose the interests related to the English language and studying language. We also tested the following audiences:

  • business interests;
  • travel-related interests;
  • interests related to IT;
  • lookalike audience (LKL) to those who left the lead;
  • lookalike audience (LKL) to those from the school’s customer database.

3. Development of ads creatives

The company has a strong corporate identity and strict design requirements: a certain location of pictures and text, the number of text lines. But this did not affect the variety of banners: we were able to test both moderate (with photos of teachers) and more creative banners.

We were provided with a large number of photos of teachers in various guises and poses, which helped a lot while developing creatives. We also used stock photos.

In addition to banners, video invitations from teachers proved to be very effective.

We used two types of texts for ads:

  • general – for those who want to learn English;
  • ads targeted at a specific audience with their tasks and pains of this particular segment.

The texts specified the cost of the course in order to reduce the number of untarget leads.

4. Shift to online format

During the quarantine, the school switched to an online learning format. We quickly transformed all ads campaigns and changed the offer, which allowed schools to continue their work even during the lockdown.


Since February 10, 2020 till February 15, 2021 we got:

  • 372 days of ads campaign;
  • 6495 leads;
  • $4,49 — cost per lead.

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