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A client requested to launch targeted Facebook and Instagram ads, since they hadn’t used this tool to the full extent before. In our first communication with the client, we defined the direction of the launch campaign – a public speaking course from Natalya Yakimchenko, the founder of the school. In future, they enrolled students for various products of the school: from acting to improvisation techniques. There was no website or landing page for the course, so the task to develop it was transferred to the SMMSTUDIO development department. Website

Original information

In communication with the client, we came to the general conclusion that in order to get the students, we will concentrate on private clients, instead of the corporate ones. Therefore, in the communication strategy, the main emphasis was placed on personal development and a «friendly» format for presenting information. Previously, the leads were gained through promotion of posts, and new students came to the school on the recommendation of the SPLASH graduates. There were no original information in digital format, since it was not possible to track the ads performance of the promotion posts.

What has been done

1. Work with audiences

Initially, we chose a strategy to work with an audience of interests, relevant to the offer (trial lesson of the acting course = actor, theater, stage, improvisation, etc.)

A year later, this strategy ceased bringing the desired result, so we decided to change our approach to attracting customers.

The main message of the advertising campaigns was «Acting for life».

With this message, we launched an advertising campaign for a wide audience (limited only by geotargeting and age).

This approach allowed us to significantly increase the number of leads and to collect a new audience.

2. Elaboration of an offer to attract primary customers

After promoting a public speaking course, we decided to advertise through a trial acting lesson, making major sales during it.

3. Work with online direction of business

In the period of total lockdown, the offline school was not able to fully operate, thus an online course was created with a different promotion strategy. At first, advertising campaigns were displayed in large cities of Ukraine, and then we shifted into the CIS market.

4. Creating a quiz to sell a package of courses

We faced the task to sell packages of course for those who had already studied at SPLASH. For this purpose, we divided the clients into several groups: girls, actors, and achievers.

To sell these packages we developed a quiz, which looked like a test with individual results. For every result, the most suitable package of courses was offered.


For 2 years and 5 months of work on the project:

  • ad campaigns resulted in 10,414 leads at an average cost of $2.79;
  • we found ways scaling solutions within one city for an offline direction;
  • we began working with client’s brand awareness outside our country.

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