Online shop for kigurumi pajamas for kids and adults.


To set up ads campaigns in Facebook and Instagram to involve customers at a reasonable cost per lead.

Original information

The client used to launch post promotions on their own without tracking their effectiveness.

What has been done

1. Development of an advertising strategy

In the framework of studying the product, communicating with the client and analyzing competitors, we defined the core audience — young girls and parents of children from 4 to 15 years old. Men, looking for pajamas as presents, also became active over the holiday periods.

At the launch of ads campaigns, the client had already developed a full-fledged online shop with Facebook pixel and set up events, which enabled it to immediately launch with the campaign for «Conversion» and connect campaigns for those who had visited the site before, but didn’t check out with a purchase.

2. Development of ads creatives

Proceeding from the target audience, we worked out the following communication messages:

  • For parents – «Pajamas with your child’s favorite characters»;
  • For girls – «Pajamas for yourself» or «Family look for your family/for you and a boyfriend»;
  • For men – «Gift for your other half».
  • The banners were focused on discounts and affordable prices.

The main problem in the development of materials was that there were too little photos of products initially, some of them contained Asian people images, which was unsuited for Ukrainian market. Subsequently, the problem was solved by professional photo shoots.

3. Sales from the catalog

According to the technical task, the client’s developer prepared a product feed, which made it possible to significantly expand a set of tools for ads on the website:

  • Dynamic remarketing allows repeated displaying ads of the products to the users who already saw them or even added to the cart in the online shop, without purchasing it;
  • Compilation and carousel – allows users to display products from the catalog by clicking on the ad. For every product in the catalog has its category (google_product_category) in its url, thus making it clear to Facebook algorithms that we are advertising pajamas and ads should be shown to those who are already interested in buying pajamas.

4. Scaling

When the audiences by interest began to gradually burn out and updating creatives no longer result in positive results, we switched to advertising to a wider audience of girls aged 23–45 without targeting their interests. Thus we didn’t limit Facebook’s algorithms, giving it maximum room for those who are more likely to purchase our product. Based on user’ reactions to the ads, Facebook shall target the proper groups of users and direct the impressions on them in order to get the maximum effect resulting in lead forms and sales.


During the project we achieved the following results:

  • 1126 purchases;
  • $3,8 cost per purchase;
  • 759% ROAS (Return on Ad Spend);
  • 302 days – ads campaign duration.
  • We developed an effective communication strategy relevant to the chosen segments of the target audience.
    We sorted out the most effective set of tools for attracting potential customers.

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