Endospheres Therapy

Endospheres Therapy

Endospheres Therapy

Endospheres Therapy

Endospheres Therapy

Endospheres Therapy

Endospheres Therapy

Endospheres Therapy

Anti-cellulite massage certified center


The client decided to open a new direction in Chernihiv using the Italian body shaping technology. The potential target audience did not know about these procedures and their advantages, so we faced two tasks at a time:
  • to expand knowledge of Endospheres Therapy in a new market;
  • to collect leads for procedures in the center.

Original information

Inspired by the success of the first business, the client opened the second one (Beauty Laser, a hair removal center). They haven’t advertised before.

What has been done

1. Adaptation of materials about the new methodology into Ukrainian

Since Endospheres Therapy is an Italian technology, it was extremely difficult to find Russian-language and Ukrainian-language materials on the market. Together with the client’s translators, a significant part of the Italian content was translated and adapted for Ukrainian consumers (from logo to video reviews of procedures).

2. Expansion of knowledge about the methodology in Ukraine’s market

When Endospheres Therapy appeared on the market of Chernihiv, they already had a strong competitor – LPG massage. LPG technology is cheaper, so our the advertising strategy was to distance ourselves from the competitor and to highlight the effective benefits of Endospheres Therapy. For this purpose, together with practitioners of the center’s we created and published several informative videos (contraindications for procedures, advantages, difference from LPG, etc.) and actively used them in ads campaigns.

3. Development of an ads campaign strategy for a new center in Kyiv

When the client opened a new body shaping center in Kyiv, we agreed on the same promotion strategy as for Chernihiv. This approach has earlier justified itself in the conditions of the new market. Besides, it was also easier to bring Endospheres Therapy to Kyiv, because the target audience already had basic knowledge about the procedure. Most of the ads budget was directed directly to collecting leads (about 80%), and the rest of the funds were allocated for informing.

The only strategic difference on the part of the client was the change in the price range for Kyiv. In Chernihiv, low price was a significant advantage, but Kyiv was extremely suspicious of such a price offer.


During 1 year and 7 months of the project we achieved the following results:

  • Ads campaigns generated 2919 leads with $1.83 average cost.
  • We ran a global ads informative campaign to shape the knowledge of the new Italian technology.
  • We defined the most effective destinations in creatives and ads texts.
  • Worked out additional advertising directions at the opening of the center in Kyiv.

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