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Now we are a team with you! We have noticed that successful projects are those in which both sides of the process are active: the client and the agency.

Therefore, we ask you to fill in this brief within 5 days. It will allow us to understand your business as well as possible. We did everything to make it easy for you to fill this document: examples, video instructions.

Anton, traffic strategist



Oleg Kuchma, 066-221-14-10,,


The main website and service —
The average receipt of the service — $1000 per month.

And also webinar, which we do 2 times a month —
The cost of participation — $40


1. Owners and managers of small and medium-sized businesses that do not have marketers on their staff. The main problem – insufficient number of leads and orders.

The second audience – company marketers. The main problem – finding a reliable contractor to scale advertising traffic from social networks. Companies turnover – from $150,000 per month.

Geography — the U.S. and Canada.
Age — 23-60.
Genders — does not matter.


We specialize in Facebook and Instagram advertising. We’ve set up ads for 1,000+ projects, so we’ve gathered the experience to avoid mistakes. We are official Facebook partners. Invested $2,500,000 of advertising budget under our management in a year. We understand the problems of small and medium-sized businesses and know how to solve them.


The target audience goes to the site (from social networks, Google ads, e-mail), leave an application to discuss their task. After that, our managers call the potential customers to get more information about their needs. Tell them about the value of the service and disclose the cost of services which depends on the amount of work.


Today we get 200 leads a month for $25. We can handle 400 leads. The ideal price is up to $20. Allocate $5000 for the test budget.